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how do i make a pyramid for school? Answered

well i have a school project i have to do and it is to make a pyramid but i don't know how to make one???



9 years ago

When my son was in 3rd grade, I responded to his teacher's request to help the class build a tetrahedron (3 sided pyramid) out of rolled up newspaper for their class project in the annual Science Fair at the school. This was a very fun project - many kids contributed to the actual construction of the object. This may sound a little complicated - but after you get going, it will be simple! I built a model out of toothpicks first, to figure out how to do it and to demonstrate to the class what we would be doing. You will need a minimum of 6 rolled newspapers to build one tetrahedron. 1. Roll up two full sheets of newspaper that have been unfolded flat and layed together. I used a 1/2 inch piece of pipe about 3 feet long to roll the newspaper. Make sure the roll is very tight. 2. Tape the long edge of the roll so that you end up with a long tube of newspaper. Remove the tube from the pipe and set aside. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 a minimum of 6 times so that you end up with 6 rolled up newspaper tubes. 4. Take three of the rolled up newspapers and lay them on a flat surface in the shape of a triangle with the ends touching. Tape the ends together. 5. Now place one rolled up newspaper at each of the flat triangle points and angle each of the three of them up to the point where they meet. Tape all of the connections. You now have a single tetrahedron. You can make multiples of these and stack them. We were able to create a tetrahedron that was over 12 feet tall. It stood in the playground for about 2 weeks until it finally collapsed. Tip: Build it from the top down. Build one - that will be the top. Now build 3 more. Assemble them so they have three sides. Set the first one on top. Tape all joints. Now build 6 more - tape them together to form the 3rd level. Lift the 2nd and 1st level assembly and place on top of the 3rd level - tape all joints. Repeat. We were able to create one with 6 levels. All of the kids would gather around the tetrahedron and lift it onto the next level - carefully! They were very proud of their creation.

I had this same project, first make a square base. Then cut out 4 squares the same size of the base. With the 4 squares, cut a triangle leaving the bottom of the triangle the same size as the size of the base. Then glue the 4 triangles together and to the base in a pyramid shape. here comes the tricky part, cover the sides in clear glue and sprinkle sand on it. You can also buy the textured spray paint and put that on instead.

If you make a cross-section model, you only have to make half a pyramid, and you might get extra points for showing the inner structure. Note that many cultures have made pyramids. If you were asked to make a model of any pyramid building, you might try something unusual, like this Aztec one.

Assuming it's an Egyptian-style pyramid, sugar cubes come to mind. Buy them in bulk.

Create a carboard Pyramid. Add white glue ALL over it, and dust it with sand. -PKT