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how do i make a sword? Answered

a traditional japanese sword like the one on kill bill



3 years? More like 2 years to get the steel, then 15 years to learn the art of making swords.

Go to Japan. Impress sword master by rescuing son from certain death. Become apprentice... More practically, it's gonna take at least 3 years to get the skills needed for this. You have to learn to smelt steel from iron sand (3 months), be able to grade the steel (2-4 months), forge weld the billet (6 weeks to 6 years, and even the swordmaster in Japan looses 1 in 3 here), draw out the shape (3 months), harden the metal (1 year to get a decent habiki line), grind and polish (another 3 months), then learn how to make the guard and hilt, learn to wrap the hilt...Plus you need the equipment-most of which is simple, but takes up space and time to assemble and use.