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how do i make my ghetto programmer to work?? Answered

im using this programmer:
and i use the program for flashing a led written by the real elliot
but it wont load...

i downloaded winAVR, loaded everything, put in the attiny13 chip, connected everything right, re-wrote the program for attiny13 (changing output ports) but it gives the error
> Failed to create process: the system cannot find the given file.

the last part is translated since im running the program in dutch...
what is going on? and what can i do about it?



Best Answer 8 years ago

i fixed this, turned out i had to vertically mirror the pinouts for the connector, since im using a 90 degree bent version, instead of horizontally...

wtf, since when can you select yourself as best answer? ah well, i answered it myself, so i guess its ok...