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how do i make the yelow box on a pic in an 'ible have a seperate photo and not just text? Answered

 I was just curious.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I have posted a bug report about this.  Thanks for catching it!

If you look at the page source you find a lot of javascript, (search for "noteID"). It's this script that generates the comment boxes (with the rest of the site functions that aren't in the page source).
You can't get an image in an image note, site developers could but I don't see any reason good enough for them to do it at the moment.


 i meant some photos have a different part of the photo in the box like this one.


That's just presentation. it's the same image essentially.


His point is that it at least appears as though the I'ble author was able to get the notes box to change the displayed image within it on hover.  I believe this is a bug on the server side, not an actual design. 

I tracked down the I'ble itself, and all of the image notes have the same effect: a vertical shift in the image displayed within the box with respect to the box's position.  I'm going to post a bug report.

Reading the original topic I had thought this a functionality-request, but that's an interesting update.


 what do you mean? please explain.

That looks like a bug.  I wonder whether the author moved the box after drawing it, or if the box is being placed differently than the author specified.

Can you provide the URL of the Instructable where you found that image (you could even give the URL of the specific step)?  

You don't.  The note boxes take plain text (no HTML markup, no links, and no internal images.  You can always have multiple images on an I'ble step.

I don't think it's possible, but I wouldn't mind being wrong.