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how do i mirror my pcb design in pad2pad program... so i can print it and use toner transfer method? Answered

title says it all doesnt say anything in help and i cant transfer it into another pcb design app...



Best Answer 9 years ago

You can use a print-to-pdf or export-image mode, if it exists (hopefully) take the exported file, and print it mirrored. (if a bmp, open in paint, and flip horizontal)

ok, i was able to print in to a pdf with an app called doPDF... now would you know how to transfer that image into paint? so i can do the flip horizontal thing u mentioned above.... i know theres apps that do this stuff, i just dont feel like installing anything right now so... yeah thanks

in your print dialogue you might have mirroring options...Other than that you could have problems maintaining scale if you just use paint - can't you do some fancy stuff in the acrobat print dialogue?

yep i just figured out the same thing like a week ago... i can print directly from pad2pad, then hit properties (for the printer) and there is a mirror image option under the 'advanced' tab thanks 4 ur help