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how do i open the battery case on my M-4 airsoft aeg? it uses a battery case disquised as a flashlight. Answered

I can't use my new gun because I don't know how to open the battery case. the instruction manual only says to put the battery in, it doesn't tell how to open the battery case.


I beleive it's the same as the one on my HK416. If so, you'll see the plastic at the wire end is a slightly different colour. If you jiggle it, it comes off. It's tight the first time, but gets looser.

thaks! now i can use my gun! its awsome!!! it tore up my target! thank-you!!!!!!!!!!

No problem. Is it a JG? they're great guns, I think the JG M4 is the same as the HK416 but with a longer barrel. Happy skirmishing :)

actualy no, i don't have a JG, althogh that would be nice to have. you guys alway answer so quikly, i am amazed that you can even find my questions so fast!!!