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how do i produce enough hydro powered electricity at home to run a computer(PC).? Answered



7 years ago

some other alternitives
excersise bike hooked up to a car altenator

both would require a car battery or two

It depends. Do you have a stream or river handy? Or just the domestic supply and rain from the roof?

i dont have a stream or river nearby. its domestic supply.

You're probably out of luck, then.

You could store rain-water in a tank at gutter-level, and when it is full let it pour down to a tank at ground-level, through a small turbine, and you could run your mains supply through a small turbine as well, but both would be intermittent, and neither powerful enough to run your computer directly.

However, they could be used to charge batteries, which could then be used to run your computer for a while.

Maybe consider using a laptop, and having a pair of batteries (one in the laptop, one being charged by the rain).

dear kiteman, i've an advantage of 65ft tall building from where i can drop the water vertically. Though water supply is from the resorvoir on the roof that has to be pumped up again 65ft up. My country is facing an energy crisis as a result we are having 16hrs of loadshedding so, i need to have an alternative. Can you help? thanx in advnace.

If you have to pump the water back up again, you're out of luck - you won't be able to generate useful power that way. I assume you are in an urban area (hence the 65 feet). If you could collect rainwater in a tank on the roof, and then release it down a drainpipe when the tank was full, a turbine placed in the pipe near ground level could produce enough electricity to charge batteries which you could then use (through an inverter?) to run your computer.