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how do i protect my USB ports from overcharging? Answered

i've already overcharged one of my USB ports with a self made USB led (own connector) so i wanna know if theres any way to prevent this with something like a diode/resistor/capacitor, or anything thats not to expensive :D

and no "dont use home made stuff" answers pls >.<


Its not impossible there are one time fuses on the motherboard, or at least little resistors that act the same. Try using an external USB adapter card, not the M/B ports and try again.

Using the ports on a hub might also isolate your PC from your experiments too.

There is a tester for dealing with USB port power problems that might be useful for you:

Hope this helps.

im trying to protect the hubs, not the devices...

You connected a port the wrong way around I thought. What exactly do you mean by overcharged? The USB power rail usually has some protection built-in, what are the symptoms of the problem?


it doesnt give power anymore, and without power i havent been able to test the data functions...

maybe il test that when i have the time, with 2 cables, one connected to one USB port only for power, and one to the broken port only for data.

but thats all just future plans, what i need is something that will stop USB ports from burning due shorting and/or trying to get more mA than it gives...

Oh, that's not too good. As far as I know these things, the USB power comes of the mainboard, and is usually protected in some way. Could it be that something you did could be reversed or un-done? If you have broken something (permanently) on the mainboard that would be bad, but I'm hopeful that it's just cut-out in a protective way, and you could un-do things?


like i said, it shorted out becouse i put in a wrongly homemade USB connector.
i know i probably cant repair it, im just curious if i can protect my OTHER non-broken ports from this in the future

Below should be the pinout for your usb, and it seems to be confirmed by other sources online.

USB is specified to 5v 500mA, so unless you have shorted something, or have tried to take more than that, the port should be ok.


i already know that, and i know for sure i shorted something.
what i need is something that keeps that from happening in the future