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how do i put a master volume control pot on my audio device ? Answered

im makeing this splitter where i cun plug my guitar tv computer radio and guitar amps into and they will all use the outputs via computer speakers amps radio speakers then all of this will go to a light devce to sync my music to i want to know how to wire a pot as a master volume control and i dont know how to use one

can anybody help berore the weekend im not buying something i dont know how to use and i dont want to make a second trip to radio shack (today is 1/12/10)

but i will take help even after that day

also if any one knows a beter way to sync lights with music that would be useful info too because im useing a old pair of usb powered light syncing compter speakers good but not great 

any other commits will be useful too if there is any reoson this wont work tell me now


new pic of design right

** latest design pic 3**



8 years ago

I'm worried your design might end up in disaster.  What I see here is that you are trying to tap into speaker-level, RCA, phono and guitar-level inputs, and output those signals to a speaker and VU meter?

This is a big problem, because all these signals have different voltage and current levels.  You can't just switch from one to the other and expect the speaker and VU meter to be happy about that.  It also looks like all the left channels and all the right channels are connected together, which will result in crossed signals, and probably ruined electronics.

Don't worry about the volume pot right now.  You need to rethink everything.

'fraid so. At the very least, you need attenuators to bring everything down to the same level, and a selection switch to take only one input at a time, then amplify back up from there. If you want multiple inputs at once, you want a mixer rather than a switch.

You could put a master on the output from the axe. Use a 100K potentiometer, put the output across the 100K, tap the output on the middle. The rest I'm not offering advice on.



Yep, this needs a proper MIXER circuit. Something expensive is going to get fried otherwise.