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how do i put a microsoft word document on an instructable? Answered

i uploaded it, but it wont show up on the actual instructable, is there a way to make it show as a link like a pdf file?


i tried it, and it worked, thanks for the help!

Don't. Some of us don't use Word. Generate a more portable document representation.

or copy pasta the content directly into a step of the ible.


7 years ago

You need to use the instructables editor and format that is on the web site. So, you need to convert your text to a generic document. Here is how you do that.

Highlight all your text that you want to use for a page or step and right click and click on copy.
Then open your notepad, not word pad but notepad. start a new document then right click and click paste. The text you highlighted in Word should now appear. If there are any strange symbols or other such things delete them. These are the formatting notes from word that don't apply in notepad. Clean up your text so its how you want it.
Now highlight it once again, (the text in notepad) and go to the step in your instructable and right click and then click paste. All your text should now be there and in a format that works for instructables.

I believe he had successfully uploaded into a slideshow, Word documents will upload OK otherwise.