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how do i reinstall mp4 player firmware? Answered

i got a mp4 player a while ago, but recently it started freezing up on the startup screen. before that, the ui was going buggy, and it was turning on less frequently. i got the firmware for it, but without it connecting to windows how can i install it? i can only get it to connect when the "boot mode" button is pressed when i plug it in, but in my device manager there are two devices and i dont know which one is my mp3 player from the 2. there was 2 drives when it worked properly too, i think one is for the memory card, but im not sure.

so is there anyone who can help me? when i tried to install the adfu drivers for the second device, (it installed for the first, but nothing showed up in "my computer") my computer gave me a blue screen blaming adfuud.sys which was also part of the driver installer.



it might help if you told us the make and model of the mp4 player, have you tryed resetting it?

well i have since gotten a new one from the producer, but do you know how i can extract the firmware? its a sunplus 3060a chip, i have tried FRM PRO but the camera drivers that came with it arent recognized by windows 7 as driver files..