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how do i remove spray paint from a Nerf gun (jolt) pistol? Answered


Try a variation of the soda blaster instructables. Baking soda In your cabinet or fridge typically. Combine handle/valve DIY with some form of compressed air and possible at least...

i use two stroke petrol or fuel to get rid of the paint and i use an old tooth brush to clean off the paint

Hydraulic fluid is unfriendly to most paints but shouldn't harm the plastic (try in a small unimportant area.

Try Ecostrip or ecosolve I think its called. You get it in Home Depot. Its non-toxic, hates paint, and doesn't attack plastics.

also I was supposed to say that i live in Australia nsw would Bunnings have that stuff or not

Depending on the type of paint used it is quite possible that you can use just oil to remove it.
Bunnings has several types of paint strippers but I would opt for those used on "unwanted artwork".
I think Goo-Off is their main brand but can't say if it is safe to use on all plastics.
If your spray paint does not flake anywhere then is is a good sign that the solvent in the paint has reacted with your plastic, in that case it might be impossible to remove the pray paint without damaging the plastic.
A cheap alternative that I like to use is glycol based stuff, like break fluid for example.
Does not attack the standard plastics but crawls under paint within half an hour so you can peel or wipe it off.

In any case I strongly recommend taking the toy or a part of it with you to spot test the stripper in question on an unsuspecting area.
If the plastic goes soft, smears or the cloth you use leave sticky residue of the color the plastic has then the stripper is no good for you.