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how do i repair a leaking gas tank without welding it? Answered

no one makes the tank for my motorhome anymore and i do not have welding tools.so how do i fix this?


There are kits of special coatings you can buy from people like POR-15. The POR-15 kit is very effective.

You get a kit with a special cleaner, a primer and the magic paint. Its applied to the tank, after its removed from the vehicle. Remove the sender, seal the tank and pour in the cleaner. Agitate, flush out, prime, dry and add the sealer. Rotate the tank to coat the inside, open the seals and let moisture in the air set the sealer.

I have friends who have used the kit on Landrover tanks, and they swear by it. Coating the outside with POR15 will stop the thing rusting again.



3 years ago

Does that stuff work on plastic tanks? I have some from small engines that are leaking on the bottom where the mounting screws go in.

1. use a epoxy seal I used "m-seal".

2. apply automobile putty for better finish.

3. paint it.

It works more....

Replace the gas tank. I know this isn't the answer you're looking for, but having had a leaking gas tank, I've also had limited success with any of the products. The epoxy (J-B Stik Weld) worked the best, but because I couldn't drain the whole tank .... yes you will have to drain the tank ... plus the fact that the leak was caused by is rusting from the inside, the epoxy would ultimately become compromised and leak again.

J-B Stik Weld is a hand kneadable, steel-reinforced epoxy putty adhesive/sealant tha will plug holes and make permanent repairs on wet and dry surfaces. It will even cure completely submerged in water or GASOLINE! Simply knead thoroughly, with your fingers, a portion necessary for the repair and apply. J-B Stik will fully cure 20-30 minutes; and can be drilled, sanded, filed, tapped, machined, and painted. J-B Stik requires no tools or "prep time", and makes no mess.

used it before....its $6 and its a miracle