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how do i replace part of my door mechanism on my vw lupo if i don't know what the part is called to order it? Answered


  • Post a picture and someone can probably tell you what it is.
  • Go to a VW dealer, find the parts department and ask them "What you you call the doohickey in the door that ...".
  • Ask at an auto parts store.
  • Find an exploded drawing online.
  • Give us a better description and maybe we can figure it out.

Oh and it does require a quick free registration but you will find the part number on this site!

You could take your Lupo to a garage and ask for a written quote for replacing the part and fixing the door - the quote should detail the part or parts required.

You could photograph the part, and email the photo to VW. If you are in the UK, click here for contact details.