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how do i replace the touch screen on my garmin gps? Answered



I replaced the screen on one of my old cameras. I just bought a batch of 3 defective cameras on ebay that were the SAME model. I actually got my camera fixed... plus fixed one of the JUNK cameras also! Look on ebay for sales of broken garmin of SAME MODEL. you can probably purchase for almost nothing. The 3 cameras I bought was only about $15 dollars. Take the back off of one of the JUNK cameras to practice... then dis-assembled the backplate off my camera and just UNPLUGGED the screen... plugged in the new one. Put the screws back in and it was FIXED. Good Luck to you.

Well, if it's sill under a warranty, depending on what's wrong with it, Garmin shoyld be able to fix or replace it. If it isn't under one, try searching online for a screen for your specific GPS and try to replace it yourself. If all else fails, you might have to get a new one. Hope this helps!