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how do i rewire an old laptop screen and i mean just the laptop screen to work as a second monitor? Answered

i am trying to make a movie projector form a OHP but the lcd screen i have doesn't have a way of attaching my laptop too it. i just have the lcd screen. period



9 years ago


seriously.... this question has been posted way to many times. use the awesome search box above.

yeah accept they all require the gfx card or some other part of the computer. EVERYTHING IS DEAD other then the screen so a more helpful answer would be appreciated.

exactly. its not possible. This EXACT question has been posted AT LEAST 15 times.

NO, Stop asking.

If you'd have searched, you'd have found that the answer is you need an LCD controller and components designed for that model LCD. Essentially, you need nearly all of the parts except the LCD itself that would be in an external monitor that uses that particular LCD. Prices start at around $200 and escalate from there, if the parts you need exist at all. If you're lucky and you can get the parts... there's usually some difficult soldering and you'll probably have to build a new case for the finished display. Here's my advice. Sell the display on ebay to someone who needs to replace a cracked screen, and use the money to buy a used LCD monitor.