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how do i safely swap computer power supplys ? Answered

gonna be doing it outside on a plastic patio table. how can i ground the system and myself so i don't get bitten ? then, what are the proper steps to swap it out ?
i pretty much narrowed it down to something in the power supply after the last question, so thank you all for the help


Swapping PC power supplies? Very easy. Just swap 'em when there's no power cords attached and you're good to go.

As others have said, its probably not a good idea to open them, but the stuff inside is designed to NOT kill you, the capacitors don't hold a lethal charge, I know from experience (unless you do something wildly dumb, or on purpose).

Computer power supplies are very safe to handle as long as you do not open the metal cases. The capacitors inside the power supplies hold a lethal charge. One way to discharge the capacitors is using a screwdriver and making a contact between the neutral prong and the ground prong of the power plug. Use an electrician's screwdriver that are insulated. Also to protect other components in your computers use an antistatic wrist strap or make sure that you touch the metallic case of your computer to equalize the electrostatic potential between your body and the computer.

Grounding wont be a problem. Put your hand on the case to equalize your self to the computer. A plastic table won't generate static but a carpet would.