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how do i set up this rf 433mhz receiver to trigger a servo motor? Answered

I have a project of dropping a package from the belly of balsa aircraft wireless. for that i m using servo motor and wireless TXr and RXr and IC 555 timer. can anyone help with the circuit diagram. any kind of help will be appreciate.


If I remember correctly, with no input, a servo will sweep to one end of its travel, and if you connect it to +5 v will sweep to the other end. If that's all you need to pull the release lever, then just use the receiver output to your servo

but u require some pulse width modulated signal to drive servo... can u help with circuit diagram..

As I said, to reach the limits, you DO NOT need PWM - I am assuming you only want your servo to be "all one way" or "all the other". Try it. If I'm wrong, you need a simple 555 circuit, if I'm right, you have all you need.