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how do i sew a plush cube without showing any stiches? Answered

how do i sew a plush cube without showing any stiches?



Best Answer 8 years ago

I show how to do it in my latest Instructable, and in the comments someone posted a most excellent video of closing up a hole without showing the stitches.

You can sew all of the stitches backwards except the very last bit. Then you have to reverse the cube, stuff it and make very careful stitches that will show. Unless you use super glue or something like that to "cheat". Good luck.

i know how to do the inside out thing, im just talking about the last part the las tcorner

If you sew carefully, tucking the edges inside, you can probably make the closure no more visible than any of the other seams.

For "backward". read "inside out". Note that the same answer applies to most stuffed objects.

That's right. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry my words get turned inside out between thinking them and typing them.

I'm not sure but a year or two back I saw an "invisible stitch" for closing up plushies and other stuffed objects.