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how do i sight in a rifle? Answered

 I have a break down high power pellet rifle and i need help dialing in the sight



Find someone who knows how and let them guide you.  Your rifle should have come with an instruction manual that shows you have to adjust your sights.

If i'm correct the air rifle your talking about will be shooting over 1000fps which mean if you sight it in at 25 yards then you will be approximately 5.6 inches low at 100 hundred yards. So it kinda depends on how far you plan on shooting!

zero the sights on the rifle, that means set everything to zero.
Place the rifle in a bench vise and lock it down.
Set up a sighting target about 25 meters away, this depends on the target and the rifle your using.

Fire 3 shot and then check your target.
Then adjust your rifle to your target.  If your two or three clicks low, then adjust the sights to raise it up to centermass of the target.
Fire 3 more times to verify zero.