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how do i sing louder and still sound good? Answered

I sing very quietly, but I'm in a metal band. Whenever I try to sing loud enough to register on the mic, my voice kind of quits. I need to beef up my voice quickly, so we can start recording again. I am open to any excercises, or whatever else you can think of.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Singing more at the upper threshold where you can still make quality sound is probably your best bet.

Stay hydrated, and try to sing in a humid (comfortable) environment.  Sing at the edges of your capabilities for tone - high and low.

Louder tones will come from singing from the chest not the throat.  You need to tighten your abdomen and push with your lungs.  There is a distinct difference between talking with melody, singing, and screaming.  You are aiming for singing.  The talking is akin to humming, where the singing involves actual pressure from the lungs.

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Wouldn't it be easier to move closer to the mic...?

haha my mouth is about half a centimeter away from the mic.