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how do i start a piaggio ciao? Answered

I know nothing about this moped (or any moped), but I can't find any info for starting it.


First make sure your gas lever (on the tank, in front of your right foot) is pointed down.

You can start it either by
- pedaling it like a maniac until it ignites
- engage the kick stand, with front wheel on the road, back wheel up, and push the pedal on your side down - this works in warm weather
- engage the kick stand, stand on the bike, push all your weight forward to touch front weel to road surface so that the back wheel is rotating freely in air, then pedal fast
- pull the ciao along your side as if you were pushing a bike with a flat tire

With all of above, keep pressed the decompression lever (tiny lever on your left handle, next to brake handle) until it ignites, then release immediately.

If it is cold, like below +10 centigrade, push down the choke switch before trying. It's on the right side of the middle platform, i.e. to the inner side of your right leg. It will pop back out when you add enough throttle. Don't use choke when the engine is warm or in warm weather.

cheers Matjaz

Try pedaling it.

I got that part, but what else. I believe it is an early seventies model.
I don't think kick starting is an option, pedaling seems plausable. I mean fuel, choke etc.

I never had a moped but the other motorcycles I had some needed turn on the key, half throttle, some full throttle. Some needed choke and some didn't.

You can search for and download the service manual;.

I believe it needs to be kick started.