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how do i stop my computer from going to the website (trojan horse virus remover dot com). ? Answered

do not go to that website.. i think it gives you false warning alerts and then asks to load a program that "cleans" your computer.  my mcafees stopped the download. but i even used my system recovery disk and reloaded everything and it still jumps to the trojanhorse remover website! what can i do to stop it...



I guess its inserted itself into the default home page on your browser. Which browser are you using ? 

I should have given more information... its not acting as my default homepage... it seems to only do it when i am on instructables website.maybe  "ravingmad" is correct. His computers only do this on instructables also.. Thanks for the replies to everyone.

I only use FireFox, and I have script blocking software running all the time. Why not try FF, running NoScript and see if it still does it, then turn on the scripts and see what happens as you turn each one on ? This page alone wants to run NINE scripts.

I have microsoft explorer 8.0... and windows xp.  its not the default homepage... it seems to happen when i am on instructables only.

I'm having the same issue, except that it's "your malware clear dot com" and a few other similar-sounding sites. I'm on IE8, and it's not the default homepage. The malware page opens at seemingly random times when I'm surfing, either using links or the Back button. Norton blocks it, but it's irritating.
This happens on both of my computers, and it only seems to occur when I'm surfing Instructables. I'm starting to wonder whether Instructables.com has been hacked.

 My father had this problem, and its not easy to remove, since it disables your AV code. I found a utility, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org which, with some buggering about killing a process that fires up to do the AV disabling, finally killed the little sod. Took some command line work.

Yeesh! I haven't done any serious command line work since 1988. Good thing not much has changed. I'll check out he link, thanks!

And will continue doing so until it is removed from the computer. 


8 years ago

Go to the Microsoft website and install the Malicious Software Removal Tool. The intro page is here:


If that doesn't take care of the problem, check your anti-virus' website for help. Or, install a good Linux OS, like Ubuntu, and rid yourself of the Trojan/Virus blues permanently.

Thanks.. i tried this but nothing was found.  a good thing to know about though.

If you are running Windows XP,click on Start ,then click on Run.
In the box, type msconfig, Click on the Startup tab to see a list of programs  that run automatically when the pc boots up.
Uncheck any suspicious programs.

Also , I have seen fake antivirus programs install an Internet Explorer
add-on that causes the problem you are describing.
Go to the Tools menu in the browser, then to Manage Add-ons.
Disable any suspicious add-ons.

Hopefully that will keep your browser from being hijacked, then you can search the web for a solution to thoroughly clean up the specific malware.