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how do i stop my gerbils from making a mess? Answered

i have 2 gerbils, and the gerbil litter i use is basically shredded paper. the only problem is, there alwasy kicking it out of their cage, and there is always a huge mess, wherever i put them. what can i do about it?


ok all those are useful, i realise i should use an aquarium, but then the question rises to mind that they would probably like something to dig in, and the paper shavings wont work to well. is there anything, more sturdy perhaps, that will not harm them? also, if i have a glass aquarium, what should i do with the wheel, which will only atach to the side of the cage with metal bars.

A deep aquarium makes an excellent home for gerbils because you can fill it about 2/3 full with the litter which will give them sufficient depth to tunnel. It is because they are trying to tunnel that they are kicking it out of their cage. Also with an aquarium you can see their tunnels when they are up against the glass.

Put the cage in shallow tray that has dimensions such that there are 4 -6 inches (10 -15cm) on any side of the cage.

When I was a teen, I had a family of gerbils. I built a simple tray for the purpose with 2 inch walls using 1/4" plywood (actually it was paneling) and 1x1 supports to attach them to the floor (also 1/4" paneling). I the gave it several coats of polyurethane so it could be ~washed. It worked great and kept the cedar chips and other detritus off my bedroom floor.

Use a cage with glass sides (a large fishtank), or with fine enough mesh that they can't kick the stuff out (mosquito netting?), or take Acidbass's suggestion to put a catching tray under the cage.

Get rid of them or get a box or a tray to put the cage on I vote for keeping them just because they are cute(somewhat) so when they kick it out you can just dump the tray its what I did with my cats (same prob with their litterbox) and it works great!