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how do i take the songs i just recorded in "audacity" to my itunes? Answered


Have song on computer son created. How do I download it to Facebook?

Download realplayer. that thing can convert most things to itunes.

You need to export it as an mp3 or WAV file. iTunes is usually more friendly with mp3. Then, in iTunes you go "Music", and manually sync your ipod. I have done this many times, so I'm sure it works.

file export select mp3 files go to more options to change bitrate 64 kbps - not high quality mic records 128 kbps - medium mp3 quality 256 kbps - high quality 320 kbps - very high quality save now import that to itunes somehow if thats for ipod you can use another app to copy the file directly to the ipod

If the ipod is in manual mode, then you can drag & drop it directly onto the ipod itself, bypassing the library.

If you want to use a portion of the track, highlight it and select "Export selection as mp3" or if you want the whole track, use "Export as mp3". Choose where you want this saved and wait for Audacity to finish. Once it is done, simply drag and drop it into iTunes (either your library or directly onto the iPod) and fill out the properties (right click > Get Info). If you can't export files directly as mp3's in audacity, you can export them as WAV and use iTunes or another program to encode them to mp3 for you.

You need to export the project as an mp3 file. (Assuming iTunes can deal with ordinary mp3 files?)