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how do i transfer my printed design onto a transparent paper? Answered

I really don't know how people who does screen printing transfer their designed onto that transparent paper already, its like every tutorial I watch is they skip this step:[ and i'm new in this kind of hobby.


The "transparent paper" you're looking for is called a transparency. You can buy them in most office supply stores. They're clear plastic sheets that are intended for use on overhead projectors.

Know what kind of printer you have, either laser or inkjet... and buy ONLY the transparencies that were made for that type of printer. Trust me, you will not be happy with the results if you use the wrong kind.

Just a note, they're not often very cheap. My last package cost me roughly $3 PER sheet. A good office supply store will have small packages, and an arts supply store or a college bookstore might sell individual sheets.

From there, just load your sheet into your printer and print as if it was normal paper. Since they're expensive, I suggest you try your image on regular paper first at least once.

Do you know the name and model of your printer? I could probably tell you. But here's a basic tip; Does it take little ink cartridges that can fit in your palm? If yes, it's probably an inkjet-type printer.


2 years ago

I would be very interested in seeing (even paying) for a tutorial that really and truly shows step by step how to use the transparent sheets process especially for multi colour, everything I find seems a little vague on this very topic of transperancy, it's like being offered a new car but no key and maybe I get to learn to hot wire it until I get the key, so what I am looking for and I am probably the only one, is " the key" can anyone provide this information somehow please , that would be most helpful


As lemonie says - they're called transparencies, and you can get them for laser printers or inkjet from office supply stores (staples, office depot, kinkos, etc) DO NOT USE INKJET TRANSPARENCIES ON A LASER PRINTER!!! They can't take the heat, will melt, and jam the printer. :D Trust me, I know!

What transparent paper? You can print on transparent sheets with regular printers. Point us to one of these tutorials? L