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how do i transfer recordings from sky box to dvd? Answered

i am wanting to transfer recordings from my sky plus box to dvd and am having trouble



You need to take a video/audio (AV) out from the thing. And wire that into a recording device (PC & WMM might do). What exactly have you got?


i have dvd recorder and pc if i connect with av cable from sky box to dvd player and also connect to laptop somehow you think this will work?

What AV connections do you have on the laptop? Audio-in I think likely, but on a laptop you may well not have video-in, so you'd be stuck without e.g. a TV-dongle


What have you tried?

i havent tried much just tried scarts to dvd then trying leads to laptop to change format of items

My first thought would have been to play it to a DVD recorder.

Maybe... play it into your laptop and use Audacity to record it?