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how do i turn a few printer scanner light bars in to under cabinet lighting? Answered

Could someone plz help me i would like to know how to turn two old scanner light bars into under cabinet lighting specifically how to plug them in and how many volts they run off

thanks in advance Kade

PS the only writing one the small one is TOSHIBA
                                                                JAPAN 820KQ06
The big one has the following writing on a barcode   MY49MC33ND     Q3450-60001                  1234567
                                                                                     [31]                1234            PRODUCT OF

The first two pics are  the small toshiba
the others are the big one 


Some of these circuits have the supply voltage on them and it is not the 94V-0 and it is not 76VOA. I find these markings on hundreds of circuit boards and it is not the supply.

This marking is the supply E24V10mA16V6mA50KHZ.

24 volts 10 mill amps.



Check the driver boards for the lights. Often they are marked with the voltages they need. Any i've taken apart need 12V. Just be careful, those drivers put out high voltage to get those florescent tubes to light. If you don't have the driver board for the smaller one you may be out of luck using it.

Those look like Cold fluorescent lights (CFL) The board you have in the bottom left picture is the powersupply. It probably needs 5 or 12V input to make it work.