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how do i turn kitchen matches into strike any wherre matches?? Answered

I would like to turn some kitchen matches into strike any where matches, and I would like to know how to do it, please give me detail instructions.  thanks




7 years ago

https://www.instructables.com/id/Strike-anywhere-matches/ i found them today :-)

You might as well ask "how do I make my own strike-anywhere matches?". Just buy them, someone must sell them? Have you tried places that sell tobacco, or camping-shops?


I CAN'T buy them, No body in my state sells them, and I do go camping a lot, that is why I want to make some, if I could buy them I would.  I don't like to buy things online.

OK, you could cover everywhere in safety-strike strip. But if you can't but them in the state and you don't like to buy online you're a bit stuck. Where would you get red phosphorous from?


You Can't! Pay close attention when you buy matches.

To buy the Chemical that they put on Strike anywhere matches is extremely combustible that is why only a little friction lights them so easily. If you were to by that chemical online cause they probably don't sell them in stores would look very suspicious i would just go out to a store and buy the matches it would be cheaper and you don't have to worry about looking like you are making a bomb.

I found the strike anywhere matches at Sears Hardware.
It was the first time I've seen them in years and they were only about 2 bucks for a box of 250.

also available here

Take your kitchen matches with you next time you go on strike?

(As others have said, I don't think this is possible/practical. If you want strike-anywhere, buy them. Camping supply stores may be your best bet.)

Um, the task of turning safety matches into strike-anywhere matches is going to kind of involve re-engineering the match, and also chemicals you probably don't have.

If you are merely wondering what these two match varieties are made out of, then I think these articles answer that question

In my experience, the strike-anywhere variety have become harder to find in recent years.  But I don't know if that's a universal trend, or just something peculiar to the one horse, jerkwater, BFE town I live in.

Anyway, you may have to go on a Quest.  It'll be sort of like how Frodo had to seek out the one place in Middle Earth where the One Ring could be unmade... Only instead, you'll be looking for the one place in your town, or village, or whatever, the one place that sells the fabled "strike-anywhere matches".

Good luck!  We're all counting on you.

Probably what you have are safety matches and can't really be changed as far as I know.