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how do i turn my prank shock gum into a mini taser? Answered

i want to mod my prank gum so it zaps on contact, instead on having to pull the gum.


First you need to take off the wrapper that says shock gum pull here Then you pry open the casing Then you should see a wire that hooks to nothing other than a piece of metal when you pulls the "gum" it connect to the side of the gum that has nothing on attached to it take that and tape it to that side Then replace the casing Next use tinfoil to make the barbs make sure that the tinfoil doesn't connect the side of the gum Now test it by touching both barbs at once

it would be awesome if you made an actually instructable with pics please. so i can get a better idea of what you meen

I will once I get another shock gum because the last one wass destroyed by my brothers.