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how do i use a surround sound amp ? Answered

i have a panasonic sarround sound subwoofER with 500 watts of power how can i reuse it in my car



If you get a large enough inverter for your car you can use it. Problem is it's not going to be very good in your car. The speaker isn't designed to tolerate the extreme weather conditions it will face being in your car. So the speaker won't last very long. The electronics will also be susceptible to the conditions of the car. You run a risk of a soft short on a very humid or moist day.

SO your car never sits out in the sun in the summer or is left outside at any time in the winter? Must be nice to have the ability to never sit in a hot or cold car before starting it up.

On a side note:

It's also pretty lame to use home speakers in your car. I've been there and done that. When i was in High School i had a sweet set of very large home stereo speakers in my car hooked to a car amp. They sounded great but looked like crap in the trunk. They only lasted a year before the cones of the speakers where rotted out and slit.


5 years ago

500 Watts means 42 amperes at 12 VDC
A car inverter is 85% efficient at best,
so your car will have to be able to supply 48 peak amps
to sub-woof in your enclosed cab.


Not practical after I tried to make it clear that the present car electrical
system down to your alternator would no be able to power it.