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how do i wire a piezo element to a output jack, my output jack has 3 or 4 ends to it and i dont no which one to sodder? Answered

this is for my cigar box guitar here is the picture of the output jack now which of these should have the wire soddered to it please any help and i dont no scematics or  any of that jazz, i posted this earlier this week but when i put the picture up for some reason i never saw it with my post.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I'll repeat my comment to your first question.

"How you wire the plug or even if you have the right plug depends on what you're plugging into.  So give us details on that so we know how to council you on which one to SOLDER". 

Because it's still valid.

Are you hooking into an amp, computer sound card, mp3 player or what?