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how do i wire a transformer? Answered

i would like to know how to wire 4,5,6 wire transformers. also i would like to know ow to wire a flyback transformer. best answer will be awarded for sure. thanks miiwii3 and i know of plasmana's world smallest shocker (are there other ways?)


Do you know the number of turns or the ratings of each winding or your transformer(s)?

As for the Flyback, they are not all created equal, so knowing which one you have would be a great help, still, here is a standard layout..... Flyback up to 30k v out

Have you got cores and wire to start with (what sort)? L

if you mean do i already have the transformers yes around three of each(discount for ordering bulk) and what is with the bird avatar. i am not used to everybody changing. when will u go back.

If you've already got transformers, you need to take them apart. This may mean getting a kinfe to them and pulling out the iron-core pieces. After that you'll nedd to unwind the wire, then rewind to the spec' you want. Is it the taking apart or rewinding you're asking about? Flybacks are different, I'd advise you source these from an old CRT rather than try to make 'em. And the w/ref the corvid image: "everyone else was doing it" L

I think you misunderstood me i didn't mean how do i wire as in make a transformer i meant wire as in circuit wire. since you thought that is what i meant some other user probably thought that too i will be clearer next time.

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I think I did. You're question as about how to use these transformers in circuits? What do you want to use these for (circuit)? L