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how do i wire my monitor and pcb? Answered

i have an arcade cabinet that is jamma wired with a 25"monitor and working  power supply set to 5 volts.the pcb is an icade 60 in 1.how do i connect everything?i have little experience in this field but im willing to learn so please have patience.thank you


Most (if not all) JAMMA video connections use either composite or RGB video. Your board should have come with the wiring diagram. If you haven't got the info, just do a search (google,etc) and the info for your board should be easily found. There are many JAMMA user groups that have published the info you need. Also I think that your power supply should be able to provide +5VDC, +12VDC and depending on the audio stage of your board you may also need -12VDC.


Join this forum and make a post in the monitors forum, be sure to take pictures of you current setup to post but I can assure you that these guys will help you get it working!

Good luck!

You are going to have to find a schematic somewhere that fits your "stuff".  You can probably find this somewhere by searching the internet.

Most of the arcade games are designed differently and there is no way to guess how yours was wired without being there to look at it or having a schematic.