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how do in save energy on my hot water heater with a time switch? Answered

I want to save on electric bill by installing a time switch. on my hot water heater how do in find the right type of switch?


I doubt you'll save much energy. When the switch goes back on, the thermostat will just stay on for a long time to bring the temp back to the setpoint, rather than turning on for shorter periods during the day. Improving the insulation, and fixing any leaking faucets is a better idea. Reducing the thermostat temperature may also help. If your utility charges different rates at certain times of the day, then it might pay off, providing you don't run out of hot water. That's only funny when it happens to other people while they're having a shower.

I use a R-11 rated jacket and an Intermatic WH-80 on my 40 gal. electric water heater and even though I only have it on for 6 hours a day, I have hot water all the time. Check that the switch you buy will work with your current installation, and then decide what features you want. I did this by coming up with a schedule that I wanted to use and then I bought a timer that could accommodate it. I wanted an override to turn the timer on when it was off and I wanted the weekends to be on all the time. I selected the Intermatic WH-80 over the WH-40 because of the daily override feature.

assuming you have 1 phase heater get a switch rated for voltage - your line voltage 110 or 240 V. in the us its possible that tanks use 240 V and not 110 V like other stuff - i dont know. the timer electronics / motor should be built for the same voltage as the water tank current - the power in watts of the heater divided by your line voltage. get a switch for atleast 1.25 X higher current so it'll live longer. in water tank the switching capacity and the long time current capacity requirements are the same mounting and size etc - a switch that can be installed where you want be sure to use cables of sufficient thickness too suggestions for really good savings solar heater - use the sun to heat your water inline heater - heats exactly the needed amount of water on the fly when it is used and not a full tank of water. often saves as much as 80 - 90 % electricity compared to standard heater despite its much higher power rating manual switch for tank heater - switch on and off yourself when you need and for how long you need