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how do keep my room clean im 28 year old and i still have a mess room please help? Answered

my room alway been mess sense i was little


Buy plastic storage containers/baskets from the dollar store! Put your littlw bits of things that float around in there own containers and stack n ur closet drawer or desk. Then u cn bring out the hole thing when u need it and put it back when ur done. No digging around making it worse. Keep at least two or three clothe hampers in ur room to put and keep dirty clothes seperated. That way on laundry day no stress of sorting colors & whites. Tuck your sheets millitary style, tightly to the bottom and around the side u dont get out on. That way when u get um n the morning u can quickly pull the covers up and ur bed is made.

Throw away anything you don't expect to use in the next year or two. And I mean expect, not just "it might come in handy under some weird conditions."

Assign a specific place to everything.

Any time you pick up anything, even for a moment, put it down in its assigned place unless you're about to put it on your body or carry it out of the room.

Any time you bring anything into the room, put it in its assigned place the moment you let go of it.

At least weekly, spend an hour looking around the room, finding anything that isn't in its assigned place, and moving it there.

Sorry, but it really is that simple and that difficult. Left to themselves rooms become messy; you have to spend the energy to keep them clean.

You might find the "Flylady" website helpful. It has a lot of good tips on how to break down this sort of cleanup and maintenance chore into pieces which are manageable from both time and emotional points of view. I have friends who swear by it.

I've used a couple tips from it, inconsistently.

The other solution is to give up and hire someone to help with the housecleaning. Believe me, unless you're actively unsanitary, they've seen worse.

Money can't cure all ills, but it can be used to suppress some of them.

IF you 28 AND your room is still a mess then you DON'T want it tidy do you - It's entirely up to you.

No magic spell here I am sorry to say.

You could make a profit this way.
Collect all your unwanted items (by you) and have a sale.


1. Make up your bed every morning after you wake up. If you don't have time to do this, try every day when you get back home.

2.When you have dirty clothes...put it in a pile or a plastic bag, then whenever you do the laundry, it goes "poof." I don't use hampers because it takes up room.

3. Every time you take a game out or something, put it back where it was, or find a place for it. This way, you know where it is when you want it again.

4. Don't eat in your room. Bugs will come...they might get into your clothes, your bedding...it will be disgusting. Just stay away from that completely.

5. If your room is like a huge part of you and you spend lots of time in it, then keep it clean as best you can. Even though you probably don't want to clean during your free time, it'll keep your parents away.

6. If you only go into your room a little bit, make sure your room is clean and then don't go into it much. It should be clean most of the time.

7. You can make your own special time to clean your room so that if your parents nag you to clean your room you can say you clean it (whenever you usually clean it).

8. If you share a room, divide it up. The person you share the room with will eventually see how messy they can be and start to do their share.

And don't forget to vacuum once in a while!


7 years ago

Get yourself a very close friend or spouse who will nag you relentlessly about the mess. It works for me.

Minimalise. Dispose of everything that you haven't touched this month - it's not much use to you.


If you just have a lot of useless stuff just lying around spend a day to just take it all out and donate it or have a yard sale. If not then i guess you should get in the habit of just putting things back in their place after using them.

Quit being so lazy and pick up as you go. Don't throw it in the floor, put it where it belongs.