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how do you make a motor multiplexor for a lego mindstorms nxt? Answered

i want to expand my lego mindstorms nxt kit with more motors , and i want a multiplexor to do that. i want detailed instructions for a multiplexor that offers full control over the motors , and can read the encoder value as well. i want this to be for the lego servo motors.


 There are two routes that you can go.

(1) Use Mindsensor's  "RCX Motor Multiplexor (MTRMUX-nx)" and the RCX style motors, or
(2) Use Mindsensor's "Port Splitter for NXT" (Cuurently out of stock)

Both solutions can be found at www.mindsensors.com  The other way would be to implement servos.  Mindsensors also sells them and the control board.

www.TechnoStuff.com sells and RCX compatible Relay that could be used to turn two motors on and off with a separate power supply.

Also, you can refer to Philo's Mindstorms pages, in particular, http://philohome.com/nxtpwr/pwr.htm

I have no idea how to multiplex motors with mindstorms:  If you want to add/edit info then simply click 'edit' under the author options to update your existing question - that way the good answers aren't split all over the database.