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how do u coulor you're e sheep? Answered




What colors can be had ?

Blue, yellow and white.

No ewe can be so....   Blew blue.


Taking the freedom to rephrase your question as: "How do you colour your esheep?", and freely assuming that by "esheep", you mean the about 12 years old program where an animated comic sheep runs around your Windows desktop, then you could try to disassemble the program in a resource editor, extract the images, recolour them in an image editor and reassemble the program with the resource editor (some better resource editors come with in-built image editors).

If you meant something else, rephrase your question, use a spell checker, let someone read your question for correct grammar and ask again.

First off, learn to spell.

Second of all, I don't even understand what your'e asking in the question so i can't help you.