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how do u fix a power window in a car??? Answered

i have a '93 buick that the power window just sort of died in...any ideas??




Best Answer 8 years ago

Turn the car motor. Turn on the headlights. Try the window in question. did the lights dim? If so then the wiring and the motor are probably working and the gearing or track is to blame. It they didn't dim then the motor or electrical system is to blame. Go from there.

so...say it's the gearing or track...then what?? electrical system?? and...say it's both windows...b nice...my car's sooo cool.

yo man

8 years ago

well yo go to a junker and drop off the car thats how (he will give yo money for it)

Dismantle the door and locate the motor unit. Does anything look broken / fried and could you take it out and replace it if you had to? L

ok...so say that i do have a motor to replace it with...but my peeps think its poss that its just the wiring....so, uh...suggestions would be soooo awesome!

W/ref the current best answer (Re-design) what was the result of that test?
We need to locate the problem area first.


uhhhhhhh..........im waiting 2 find out..........first i need 2 get a battery 4 my car, then while im at it ill get some gas. :)

Mmmmmmaybe the window didn't work because the battery was in poor condition? This thing is sounding more and more like a heap.... L

what!!!!! how dare you!!!!!!! why would u say that about my car! It's a fixer upper! it's a fixer upper not a junker! :( :(

OK, different understandings - heaps can be fixed up in my book! L

uhh.....what should it look like....im a girl...i dont know these things!
ps-------do u know everything?

It should look like a motor connected to something with wires and connected to the window with mechanical linkages. If you're not happy taking your car apart take it to a garage.
I don't know everything, but I know how to start on a lot of things...


but I know how to start on a lot of things...

THEN he takes it to the garage ;-)


Ha, yes. I've got a petrol mower I couldn't start (in the usual ways), in the shed... L