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how do u fix iphone 3g if u drop it in water? Answered

sooo i went fishing and i stuck my iphone in my shirt pocket so i looked down and my iphone fell out! my friend said to turn it off ASAP and i did but i wiped it a lil then 5 minutes later i turned it on and it shoed the apple sign then crash. now i dried it and air compresser it and it wuldnt turn on. if anyone kno how to fix it hit me up with a comment.


If you drop an MP3 player in general into water, you would have to make sure it is COMPLETELY dry inside and outside before you attempt to turn it on. I've dropped my old MP3 player into water (it went through the washing machine, lol), and the only thing that wouldn't work was the screen. Everything else worked, and all my data was there and not corrupted, but I couldn't use the screen. I would just sync your iPhone and buy a new one, and restore your new one from the backup the sync created. One thing people usually don't realize is that there are no moving parts to be damaged inside and iPhone, unless it uses a hard drive. No moving parts = no water damage except the screen.


7 years ago

you turning it on basicly ruined it. you will have to buy a new one

I would consider switching to a back up phone for about 2 weeks while you let your Iphone get dry by burying it in a container of regular rice.

Works out for me, but I didn't turn mine on.

what this man said works well.

sorry to hear of your misfortune.

You shouldn't have turned it on again until you were completely certain it was dry. It is usually best to clean all visible water out of it, dry it, then leave it in a warm place with some silica gel (the stuff you get in new shoes and some electronics to absorb the moisture). It sounds like it's dead now, but Apple won't repair it if it's been water damaged. Only thing you can do s replace the logic board, which is very expensive and hard to do without experience. Also, chances are, the battery has shorted, and/or you have water under the screen if it was fully submerged. Whilst your friend is right about turning it off ASAP, this is usually only the case with electronics with a physical power switch or remove able battery. The idea is to disable as much of it as you can which could short out via the water, but on the iPhone it doesn't have a physical power button, so it may be best to leave it and just not touch it.

Hate to pass on bad news, my bud dropped his into the john after-flush when bending for his pants. Never worked again. Try the genius bar.

In electronics we would dip an electronic device into alcohol to dissolve any remaining water, then dip it into ether to dissolve any alcohol and the either will evaporate reasonably fast.
But don't do this with a battery because alcohol and ether can catch fire and burn you bad !