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how do upgrade the ios on the first gen ipod touch? Answered

i have the first gen ipod and was wondering how can i upgrade the ios so that i can play more games


You can't. The iOS version you have is as good as it gets. In the end your not limited by the OS, your limited by the hardware in the iPod. Even if you could put iOS 6 on your first gen iTouch the unit could not handle the graphics and processing power needed for the newer games.

A person should still be able to connect it to itunes to get the most recent compatible version for that pod...but agreed - the limiting hardware ...is limiting.

The most recent version of iOS for the first gen iTouch is iOS 3.1. Chances are he already has it. If not he can certainly pay the $9.99 for it but its not going to open up a huge number of games to play. Most of the more popular games have been updated along the way and no longer support the older OS'. Wouldn't even know where to begin to find the older versions of games that would be compatible.