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how do you change the induction heater element in a Bosch oven? Answered

I have a Bosch HBL745 electric oven (2 actually) but the induction heater element keeps burning out on one of them. I have watched the repair once and it looks easy, but it would be nice to have a procedure. For example, does the oven need to be fully removed from the wall unit or can the repair be done in place?


On a related note, you might want to find out why the heating element is burning out in the first place. Aren't they supposed to last for decades?

We had one oven, it went through 2, explosively in the first year of use, then they were fine for...a decade :D by explosively, I mean there was a break in the inner conductor, which had a tiny gap. The gap started arcing, but was sealed in the ceramic/metal outer casing. We heard the buzzing, louder, looked, watched as a small section of the element got white hot, then started to expand. closed the oven, and as we turned the oven off, BANG! the outer casing broke, spewing liquid metal. The timing was JUST RIGHT for closing the oven door :D

I was unaware that an electric oven used an induction heater - it's likely a resistive element - as the listing shows 'convection' oven (a conventional oven with a fan) Anyhoo: The element should be pretty easy to replace. Start by turning off the breaker. Ovens usually get their own breaker - so you won't have to reset all the clocks in the kitchen ;) Acquire a replacement element from the repair shop. Some slot through the back of the oven through 2 holes. Some are affixed to a plate which is screwed into the back of the oven. Remove the 2 screws if there, and check with a gentle tug to see if it just slots into a socket. You can infer from the replacement part how the wires are hooked up to the back of the element. - they might slot on, the might screw on, or they might fit like a receptacle.