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how do you check your email on the ipod touch on the go? Answered

i would like to know bcuz i cant get the iphone now>


Firstly, you need to be in either a free WiFi location or one where you know the password to the Wifi network. Once you have access to the network, simply click on the mail icon and you can check your email (if you have already set up the settings for your email account in your Settings tab). If your settings haven't been set up  yet, click on your settings tab, scroll down to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section, click on it, then click on Add Account. Choose your mail server (Gmail, yahoo, AOL, etc.) and fill in the necessary information. Once you have set this information up, exit back to you Home screen by pressing the Home button at the very bottom of the ipod (the circle with the square in the middle) and then click on the Mail icon. If every thing is set up properly you should now have access to your mail.

Hope this helps!