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how do you cover your body in bulletproof armor, then put fake skin over it and still look like yourself? Answered


3 simple steps.
1- remove skin
2- dress bodyarmor
3- dress skin again.

Even if you had the equivalent of a bulletproof vest, you would be so much more bulky that you would never pass as yourself. I am also kinda wondering why would you want to do this?

It's simple too big to fit, and generaly fake skin or details don't look good under close scrutiny. Besdies, why do you need to do that?


4 years ago

No such thing as bulletproof, only bullet resistant. And that is relative to the size of the gun. Bigger bullets go through things smaller ones don't. One reason knights quit wearing armor was because the newly developed long bows could shoot an oak arrow through the armor. Then when they were lying there on the ground trying to get up an apprentice would come along and finish the job on them. Armor got so many of them killed they had to give up using it.

Despite the hype and the TV and Movies there isn't any such thing as Bulletproof AND flexible.

Even steel sheet would penetrate under the ring ammunition and circumstances.

You can't. The armour won't bend, and you do.

Even if it could bend with you it would need to be 1n inch or 2 thick so you would look like you put on a couple hundred pounds. With your full body covered in armor you would be carrying around that much weight