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how do you delete a profile? Answered

how do you delete a profile


cause i dont understand this websites

Why would you want to delete your account to such an amazing website where you can see, rate, comment and favourite such amazing projects? Unless you don't like the color orange, staying with Instructables is far better than not.

Correction: even if you DON'T like the color orange! You can use my script to change it! :D

Ha ha! I'll have to tell a good friend about that, that was his excuse for not making an account.

Zackly! And all the juicy stuff is free!


8 years ago

pm an admin (https://www.instructables.com/about/)

why would you make an account, and then promptly ask a question about deleting it?

There may be an easier way but if you email those incharge and tell them you want to be removed they probably will. You could just quit coming here.