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how do you delete (removed by poster) Answered

how do you delete the (removed by poster) coments for i know i did this on my orangeboard before. and i would hate for people to constantly read (removed by poster)(removed by poster)(removed by poster) "I will post (project) in a week!" well if you can tell me how i did it then please do for i have no memory of how i did it and NO I DONT HAVE ANY ILLNESS IN MY HEAD.


. I just checked my Orangeboard and I have a delete link in the bottom right corner of all posts. Click it.

i did and it turns it to (removed by poster)

You must delete the last comment of the chain first.

. I dunno. Use the Report Bug link at the bottom of the page.

you can't, the reason that is there is because something was commented on the comment you removed. if it removes the comment completely then the the comments on top of it will not have commented on a comment because the comment they commented on will not exist. so then the system would be confused because the comments will have no were to go, and then the those comments get deleted.

hmmmm so basicly dont reply to things you are going to delete...

yes, i will show you. i will reply to this,and then reply to that comment. when i remove the first comment. it will say (removed by poster).