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how do you disable an rfid? Answered




You know what you're thinking about but all you've said is "an Radio Frequency IDentification"


Hey Lemonie

Pedantic point...At least in the US, an RFID device is often referred to as "an RFID"

Kinda like the way you guys in the UK say "Go to hospital", when for us in the USA at least, it is _a_ hospital, so you "go to THE hospital", not "go to hospital" (which, when said that way in the US makes one sound like an uneducated boob...not that one IS an uneducated boob for saying it that way in the UK, but our languages are only highly correlated, not identical).

At least he didn't say "A RFID", which would have caused me to cringe and call the grammar nazis. ;-)

hit it with something that causes an impulse greater than the rfid can withstand. it will no longer function after this.

wrap it in steel.