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how do you disable the am/fm radio on a boombox? Answered

i work at a facility where guys can't listen to radio, but can listen to cassette tapes. We need to undo the radio part of the player so they can bring the boombox into their rooms.?


Since it's probably all on the same PCB, you probably can't simply remove the radio from the device. How to disable this depend on how the boombox is made. Is it digital, with digital pushbuttons and an LCD display? Or is it analog, with analog buttons, analog tuner, etc? It's pretty easy to "kill" the radio on an older boombox. Tune it between stations so you only hear static. Open it up, and you'll see the tuning knob turns a variable capacitor via a pulley system, usually with just a thin string connecting the two. This is to both keep your hand away from the variable cap when tuning it (which will alter the tuning properties) and make it so you can turn the tuning cap by fractions of a degree. Simply cut this string. You won't be able to tune the radio anymore, so it won't work.

any problem in just not using the radio mode ?