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how do you disassemble a motor? Answered

a large motor from a printer wont work and i want to open it up to get the magnets, but i cant get it open.


Depends on the motor ! But sometimes, even with the case screws removed, the magnets are very strong, and you may need a vice to help you.

These Magnets could be mounted on a shaped iron fkux guide to make the PM
portion very effective with the armature ( rotor ) windings.



7 years ago

How large in a measure of diameter and length ?
Please show a picture.
Is it plastic ?

Failing any response;
Assuming you don't want to put it back together again.
Also assuming you don't want to use a 10# hammer :-)

I would use a paper clip to locate where those magnets are.
Then using a hacksaw to cut through the motor away from the magnet indication,
that should be near the ends of the sausage like motor.
Cut around the end without a shaft first, then pull it off.
Look into the motor frame, you may be able to harvest your magnets,
or you may discover how to disassemble it further without cutting.


The magnets in those or at least mine go all the way to the back and front there is no room to cut them.

Yes a real possibility, makes HP engineering efficiency sense, to make every linear portion of the motor shell productive electric torque for the glory of the printer mechanical needs.

Coleyy, Please show us two pictures so we may help you in the best way...


Those things are hard I'm guessing that you can't lever open those two flaps on the case holding down the back you might want to try to drill away those flaps because I know that you can't lever them open.