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how do you fix a PSP? Answered

My PSP don't work anymore. It is turning on but when you click a game it turns into a black screen ...
then nothing...
please help me..
I really need your  help...


if you have a hardware problem just buy new parts at www.deal-extreme.com

and look up some videos on youtube how to open psp

ps3 cost about a 100 or more dollers new you can always take it apart and see if any wires are fried. there are two posssibilties for the problem either your hardrive is crashed and you would have to go buy a new one or the disk reader is scrached or broken. trust me i once broke my psp it  is going to cost alot less to fix it then go and get a new one

Tells me you have a hardware failure - are these umd games or games on a memory card?

Either way, you're probably pooched.

Check the drive tray to make sure nothing's bent out of shape, and that the disk lens is clean.  The psp disc laser is dvd based, and burns out just like the ps2 ones were commonly doing after a long life.  There are replacements out there, but its a rather intricate process to replace them.